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Studio 88 Uniform 

Here at Stage Door we are stockists of the Studio 88 uniform. The required uniform products are available to purchase below and throughout our website. We are delighted to offer Studio 88 students a discount, please apply your discount code, which can be obtained from your dance school or by contacting us directly.

The uniform as provided by Studio 88 for each dance style and grade's are: 


Pre- School 1 and 2 & Prep

  • Pale Pink Junior skirted leotard 

  • Pale Pink Acylic Cross-over 

  • Pink leather full sole ballet shoe

  • Pink ballet socks

Pre- Primary & Primary Ballet, Tap & Modern 

  • ISTD sleeveless plain front leotard - Colour Sky Blue 

  • ISTD chiffon skirt - Colour Sky Blue 

  • Sky Blue cotton cross-over 

  • Pink leather full sole ballet shoes 

  • Pink Ballet socks


  • Black Timestep tap shoes 


  • Split Sole Jazz shoe 

Grade 1 Ballet, Tap and Modern

  • ISTD SLeeveless plain front leotard- Colour Sky Blue 

  • ISTD Sky Blue Belt

  • Sky Blue cotton cross-over

  • Pink convertible or footed tights 

  • Pink canvas split sole ballet shoes 


  • Timestep Tap shoe 


  • Split sole Jazz shoe 

Grade 2 & above  Ballet, Tap and Modern 

  • Black cross back cotton leotard (CC123 or similar) 

  • Pink canvas split sole ballet shoes

  • Pink convertible tights 


  • Black oxford style lace up tap shoes ( Audeo Tap shoes or Tic Tap Toe tap shoes)  


  • Split sole Jazz shoes 


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