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Catherine Gill School of Ballet 

Here at Stage Door we are stockists of the Catherine Gill School of Ballet dance uniform. The required uniform products are available to purchase below and throughout our website. We are delighted to offer Catherine Gill School of Ballet students a discount, please apply your discount code, which can be obtained from your dance school or by contacting us directly.

The uniform as provided by Catherine Gill School of Ballet for each dance style and grade's are: 

Baby ballet/ Pre Primary/ Primary Girls                         

  • Rad Regulation Chloe short-sleeve leotard in Pink 

  • Pink Ballet Cardigan

  • Pink RAD chiffon PSkirt 

  • Satin ballet shoes and elastic 

  • Pink ballet socks

Girls ballet Grade 1 to 5

  • RAD Regulation Faith short-sleeve navy leotard 

  • Pink seamless tights 

  • Black Ballet cardigan 

  • Pink satin ballet shoes and elastic

  • Black character shoe ( Low heel Grades 1 to 2, Cuban heel Grades 3 to 5)

  • Black Circular Character shirt ( not a gathered ) with Blue ribbons. 


Boys Ballet

  • RAD Regulation white short-sleeved leotard 

  • Black shorts or tights 

  • White socks 

  • White canvas ballet shoes 

  • Black character shoes ( Grade 1 to 5)

Girls Intermediate Foundation to Advanced Ballet

  • Black sleeveless plain leotard with secret support

  • Pink convertible seamless tights 

  • Pointe shoes and ribbons 

  • Soft Pointe shoes and ribbon 

  • Optional pink canvas ballet shoes 

  • knitted shorts and crop top 

Girls Tap & Modern Theatre

  • Black Tap shoes with tunable tapes


  • Hyacinth leotard and tights ( Pre Primary to Grade 1) 

  • Black leotard and tights (Grade 2 to Advanced)

Boys Tap & Modern Theatre


  • White T-shirt or leotard

  • Black shorts 

  • Black tunable Tap shoes 


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