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Miller & Ben Sizing Information

Womens Sizing

Fitting shoes is an 'art form' (some say - 'religion'). Feet change all day long, before dancing, after dancing, hot weather, cold weather, morning, night, and more!

  • Miller & Ben Tap Shoes' sizes span from European size 34 to European size 50, and in half size denominations. 

  • Shoes vary between brands and styles! Miller and Ben recommend starting with your street shoes size and width. You are looking for a snug, not painful, fit.

  • Be aware of the fact that these shoes stretch during regular use, due to the soft composition of the leather. They estimate that the shoes stretch about a half size.

Available Widths:

Jazz-Tap Master.

  • Regular 34 to 50

  • Wide 34 to 50

Fitting Tips

Mens Sizing 

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