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Bexleyheath Stage School of Dance Uniform 

Here at Stage Door we are stockists of the Bexleyheath Stage School of Dance new uniform. The required uniform products are available to purchase below and throughout our website. We are delighted to offer Bexleyheath Stage School of Dance  students a discount, please apply your discount code, which can be obtained from your dance school or by contacting us directly.

The new uniform as provided by Bexleyheath Stage School of Dance for each dance style and grade's are: 

Twinkle Toes 

  • Pink Louise Leotard 

  • Pink Net Tutu Skirt with Bow 

  • Pink Ballet Socks ( tights in winter if needed) 

  • Pink Satin Ballets Shoes 

  • Black Bloch Timestep Tap Shoes 


  • White Aimee Leotard

  • Navy Ballet Tights 

  • Black Ballet Shoes 

  • Black Tap Shoes 


Primary/Grade 1 

  • Lilac Q16 ' Milly ' Skirted Leotard 

  • Black Cotton Crossover 

  • Pink Ballet Socks ( Tights in winter if needed ) 

  • Pink Leather Ballet shoes with elastic 

Grade 2 

  • Rose Q26 ' Alice ' Cap Sleeved Leotard 

  • Black Cotton Crossover 

  • Pink Ballet Tights ( seamless )

  • Pink Leather Ballet shoes with elastic 

Grade 3

  • Rose Q26 ' Alice ' Cap Sleeved Leotard

  • Pink Ballet Tights ( seamless ) 

  • Pink Leather Ballet shoes with elastic 

Grade 4

  • Navy Rock Valley Tersa s/sleeved leotard - RVTER 

  • Seamless Ballet Tights 

  • Canvas Split Sole Ballet shoes with elastic 

  • Pointe Shoes/ Demi Pointe shoes with ribbons 

Grade 5 

  • Any Black Leotard ( Classical in Style ) 

  • Seamless Ballet Tights 

  • Canvas Split Sole Ballet shoes 

  • Pointe Shoes with ribbon 


Beginners- Grade 3 

  • Black & Cerise Pink Footless Catsuit 

  • Capezio Tic Tap Tac / Candence Tap shoe

  • Black Trainer socks 

Grade 3 & 4 

  • Separate Black & Pink Leotard 

  • Black Footless Nylon Lycra Tights 

  • Black Trainer Socks 

  • Black Leather Audeo Tap shoes or Similar style

Advanced Tap 

  • Any Coloured Leotard 

  • Black Footless Tights 

  • Black Leather Bloch Audeo Tap Shoes or Similar Style 


Jazz Uniform For ALL CLASSES

  • Turquoise Lace Leotard 

  • Black Nylon Lycra Footless Tights 

  • Black Split Sole Jazz shoes 



  • Any Style Black Leotard 

  • Black Footless Tights 

  • Foot Under or Half sole Shoe 


Show Classes 

  • All Dance Shoes listed 


Boys Uniform For Jazz & Tap Classes 

  • Black Footless Tights/Leggings ( Cycle Shorts in the Warmer Months ) 

  • Black Lace- up Tap Shoes 

  • Black Jazz Shoes 

  • Black Socks 


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