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The Dance School 

Here at Stage Door we are stockists of The  Dance School uniform. The required uniform products are available to purchase below and throughout our website. 

The uniform as provided by The Dance School for each dance style and grade's are: 


Ballroom and Latin uniform 

  • Black leotard 

  • Black Circular skirt 

  • White ankle socks

  • Ballroom/ Latin shoes ( 1 inch heel no higher )


  • Black Leotard 

  • Black Chiffon skirt 

  • Pink ballet socks or tights 

  • Ballet Shoes with Elastics 

  • Satin Ballet shoes with ribbons ( grade 1 and above, optional ) 


  • Black Circular skirt 

  • Black Leotard

  • Black Leggings or dance trousers ( grade 1 or above, optional ) 

  • Black Tap shoes ( Taps on toes and heels from Grade 1 ) 

  • Teletone Taps ( Grade 2 upwards ) 

Disco Street Jazz Uniform 


  • Black Leotard 

  • Black Leggings with or without circular back skirt 

  • Black Dance Trousers 

  • Split sole Jazz shoes or Black split sole dance trainers 


  • Black Trousers 

  • Black Trainer 


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