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Miller & Ben Tap Shoes

The Miller and Ben Tap Shoes are high quality, high end and handmade ‘MusicalTap Instruments’.

Distinctive models: -

  • Jazz-Tap Master (JTM)

Beautifully hand-crafted soft, high quality leather upper which enables easy toe work, while a rigid sole ensures precise control.

Immaculately varnished leather sole and compressed wood heel produces a deep ‘basso’ sound permits fine tuning of taps.


Invisible stitched, thick super rigid sole provides superior durability and eliminates the need for extra build up.

The counter-free toe box allows the shoe to conform to the shape of the foot while wing-tip layer maintains the shoes integrity and keeps toes from over stretching.


Expertly folded and sewn by master shoemakers with hidden cutwork on all seams.

Meticulously designed to ensure every size has perfect fitting taps.


All Miller & Ben Tap Shoes come with a free pair of Miller & Ben Tap Wraps TM – wearable tap shoe covers designed to protect your Miller & Bens in transit whether you are packing a suitcase or making a silent entrance on stage.



Jazz Tap Masters (J.T.M):


Specifications: -

  • Upper – Leather

  • Sole -  Double layer entire sole.

  • Heel - Compressed wood and leather. Low and wide ‘Jazz Tap’ heel. Height - 1¼ inch, 32mm.


Sizes: -

  • Regular – 34 to 50

  • Wide – 34 to 50


Available: -

  • Standard - ‘All Black’






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